Thursday, August 7, 2014

Best friends

These two - almost joined at the hip - they spend most of the day right beside one another - either snoozing or playing.

It is so gorgeous to see just how close they are now - Woody wasn't quite so keen on her when she first joined the family - man she was mad as a cut snake that one. Sooki often has her 'baby' with her - she loves that toy - she carries it about and gives it a good old tug and toss in the air.

Her favourite thing to do is grab Woody's leash and yank him about whenever we put them on.  Suffice to say it is not his favourite thing for her to do - he loathes it - so I have to be quick to grab his lead to stop her doing it - she is a little minx.

Still despite being annoying, Woody does love her - and they pretty much hang together 24/7.  

Friday, May 30, 2014

Quiet time, gentle living

It's been a sad, gentle time of it here - as I've been taking things quietly and spending a lot of time right here in my favourite spot, the kitchen/dining room where I tend to do most of my writing, reading, planning, working and studying… plus a lot of thinking and remembering my wee mum.

Usually the dogs are sitting right there on their bed curled up into each other - but they have just dashed off to chase a pesky bird that swooped into the garden!!!  They have been a constant source of cute company and each day we are thankful we still have Woody with us - that has been the miracle of the year - even the vet can't believe he survived his illness.

Endless cups of tea have been sipped here - some work done, study completed - I'n nearly done with the course - only a few modules to go so the end is in sight.

We have decided on a whim to take off to the States for a break in the school holidays coming up.  We are all well overdue for an adventure and in much need of a complete change from the year we have endured so far.

I'm getting quietly excited about our trip - it involves visiting a much missed friend who upped sticks and moved to Cleveland - cannot wait to see her and the fam-damily!

Better get some work done and trip planning organised - we are so lastminutedotcom with these sorts of trips - makes it all the more exciting in many respects - but the list of chores to do is huge - best I get stuck in.

First, I'll head off to yoga - I need some gentle namaste to get into the day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Autumn and winter in Sydney

It never ceases to amaze me just how divine the autumn and winter is in Sydney.  Crisp starts to the day often then translate into beautifully sunny days, with a warm glow and not too cold a temperature - it can still be balmy.

Bondi Beach first thing in the morning is so gorgeous - the best time to walk the hounds with hardly anyone on the beach, which is a rarity and not how you see it during the long summer months. Autumn and winter are my favourite times to be down at the beach for these very reasons.

Meanwhile, the harbour view is just as gorgeous - this is where we wandered later the same day - along the foreshore of Double Bay - where a friend is lucky enough to live.  We've spent many hours sitting out on the grass watching the sun go down while sipping wine and solving the problems of the world!

Friday, February 28, 2014

My wee mum, June

On top of our worries with Woody, my poor wee mum took a dramatic and sudden turn for the worse and sadly died in February.

Monty and I spent a week with her in January which was a blessing as we got to spend lots of quiet time with her which made her smile but we knew something wasn't quite right - she seemed so frail.

She had no idea how ill she was poor love - none of us did. It happened so suddenly and right to the end she fought hard but the poor thing was riddled with cancer - it came back with a vengeance after so many years of great health.

The only solace I have is that she is (hopefully) with my two brothers.  I am not a strong believer in any shape or form but I do have some faith and hope that this is the case.

She missed them both so much - and John's death four years ago really was the start of her demise.  She became very reclusive and just plain sad.  It was too much for her - to lose Stevie was hard enough, but John as well was unthinkable.

May she rest in peace and be gardening as she loved to somewhere beautiful.  Every time I step into my garden I think of her.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Woody Woo

We've had a horrendous Christmas and start to 2014 sadly.

Poor Woody is very, very ill.   He collapsed at the end of Dec and has been living at the vets since then.  We bring him home at night as he needs constant care to be carried to go anywhere or to eat or drink as he is so weak.  So far he has had six blood transfusions to try and get his protein levels up as they are dangerously low.

The poor pooch is miserable - and so is Sooki - she has gone into a depressive decline without her brother by her side.  She won't come out of Monty's bathroom when Woody isn't here and is too scared to go for a walk without him.  Poor little love. She's allowed to sleep on Monty's bed at night since Woody is downstairs with me keeping an eagle eye on him during the night,  She comes down in the morning and gives him a little peck on his nose - it is so sweet.  She knows things are bad and is being gentle - a first for her as she is still so puppyish.

As for us - we are all basket cases.  The idea that we could lose him is too much to bear.  The vet has called in a specialist who thinks he could have an autoimmune disease that is destroying his gut.  Poor thing.  We are starting him on serious meds to see if they can help stop the decline and help heal his gut.

Fingers and toes are crossed.

(Footnote - the meds worked!  Woody has made a dramatic recovery - and has put on some weight and since April he has been up for going for long walks again.  He is on meds for life which is a small price to pay as he is with us - and healthy again.  As for Sooki - she has made a dramatic return to being seriously cute and naughty at the same time!!!  She remains his partner in crime and best friend and sticks to him like glue. Super glue in fact.   She has also taken a turn for the worse when out walking as she growls at any dog that even looks at Woody - she's super protective but it is a tad embarrassing when she makes a major fuss - and a worry when it's a massive dog she's taking on.  Woody and I are not too happy with this turn of events.  Hopefully she'll settle down!  So a ray of sunshine in a pretty grey cloud that has been 2014 so far sadly).

Friday, December 6, 2013

Where has the year gone?!!!!!

Oppps….. I seemed to have stopped playing about with this blog.

Not quite sure why as I was enjoying blogging and friends asked about the hibernating snoooooore that became terminal over here?????

Life got busy I guess with very little time to do much else but get on with living this past year….

Highlights since April in a nutshell - we stumbled across and bought an amazing place in Woollahra just after my last post and then spent most of the year working on the move - due to the longest settlement in the history of property.  We moved in finally late October - after doing some minor renovations on the place and we LOVE our new digs. The house and garden exude a very zen energy which we adore.  (Yes another garden to add to the large ramble down at Paradise - this one is a lot easier to manage thank the lord!).

The dogs love to dart about the book stash here - they run about for ages and then fall over in a heap - best exercise ever!

The kitchen has been my favourite place to hang out, as always, and I have whipped up some culinary gf magic here.  Thermal the Thermie and Ken the Kenwood have helped a lot in our adventures!

The pooches have settled in and have been super relaxed in their new abode - long may that continue!

On top of getting ready for the move and making changes at the new house, I decided to add some study into the mix and started in July with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  It is a part time course that you complete online as well as having coaching calls with a small group of students.  It covers a whole range of different nutritional theories so is right up my alley.  I graduate in July 2014.

I have been loving the course and have met some amazing people through it - which has been an added bonus. Some live here, some in NZ and a lot in the US - so it definitely has an international flavour to it!

And in between study, freelancing, life and all that stuff we have taken any slim chance we have had to pack up the car and head back down to Paradise…..

It never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful Exeter and the surrounding areas are - not to mention the Old Nursery - we have been so lucky to discover this slice of heaven.

The air is so clear and crisp down there - as soon as you get to the gate you feel life's stresses melt away and you can't help but relax … and then face the ivy, periwinkle and forgetmenots.

Hard to forget them when they multiple rampantly throughout the place, along with the rabbits, possums and wombats.  I won't mention the snakes - too much for some to handle!  At least they stay away and leave the dogs alone - the seem more scared of them which is hysterical as Woody and Sooki don't do scary well - both too cute for that caper.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bliss in Paradise

Three days straight gardening down in Paradise and I am one pooped Jossie.

So are the dogs.

B has headed back to the city to work while the dogs and I are staying until next Friday.  Yup - Friday - a whole week in Paradise!

Moo has gone off to boot camp for a week so I'll head up to the city to meet him off the bus then we'll turn around and head on straight back down for two more weeks sifting quietly in the country.

It's been so divine here and now that it is a bit cooler we have hit the garden big time to catch up from a severe lack of effort due to the hottest summer ever and the enticement of hammocks and the Christmas stash of books to work our way through.

Two days of pulling ivy out (it's wildy rampant) and even the dogs were pooped.  (Not that they helped - they just darted about chasing one another 24/7.  If only I could train them to dart back to the house and whip up a much needed pot of tea!).

That's the two partners in crime last night - Woody was snoozing vertically on a cushion - he couldn't be bothered moving to get more comfy. (Hard to see in this shot - but he was pretty much butt down head up!).  Even when I got up (dug myself painfully off the couch) to go re-acqaint with the kitchen he couldn't find the effort to follow me.

Big call for the white stalker.  Sooki was comatose - not a murmur from her until we all headed to bed.

I took a break from the garden this morning and headed into town for supplies and a tipple of tea or 5 with a gorgeous friend who lives nearby.  We solved some world problems over that pot of tea let me tell you!  Add in some yoga afterwards to stretch out some crinkly muscles - ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Namaste xxx

About that pot of tea Woody?